Build a better workplace by building neurodiversity in your workplace 

Organizations need to look beyond just expanding diversity in skills, talents, culture and ethnicity. You need to embrace the advantages of neurodiversity in workplaces and tap into this pool of talent.  

What is Neurodiversity?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, neurodivergent people “experience, interact with, and interpret the world in unique ways” and bring many unique and valuable strengths to the workforce. 

Neurodiversity is a spectrum and ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia all fall within that spectrum.  

Neurological differences are recognised and understood as a social category, similar to race, culture, gender and sexual orientations.  

Benefits of Neurodiversity

Individuals on the neurodiverse spectrum have a range of exceptional interpersonal and hard skills that are greatly valued by organizations, empowering them to thrive in variety of roles. Each neurodivergent individual is unique, and some may have a strong suit in sequence, making them good with data analytics, while others make great leaders and entrepreneurs due to their nature of thinking out of the box.  

It is important for neurodiverse individuals to be viewed beyond their challenges, but for their special abilities and advantages to the workplace. In an article by Deloitte Insights they mentioned, each neurodivergent person is unique, and it wouldn’t be accurate to generalize their cognitive process. For some neurodivergent individuals, the process may be more abstract; for others, it may be a matter of reordering and changing the sequence. 

Read more about the Dyslexia as a Strength as we point out some strengths and challenges that individuals with dyslexia face.  

Creating a Neurodiverse Workplace

The War for Talent is a daunting reality and hiring managers and HR professionals need to leverage all available resources, including harnessing the strengths of the neurodiverse talent pool. Hiring neurodiverse individuals could be an essential part of the solution to the war for talent. However, another vital aspect is for organizations to embrace neurodiversity and build a workplace culture where they could thrive in.   

In an effort to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, organizations may need to change up conventional methods and individuals would have to adopt a mindful approach. 

Below are some environmental and behavioural accommodations you can adopt to make your workplace more inclusive.  

Source: Empauwer Instagram Page

Creating an inclusive workplace for neurodiverse individuals to thrive in is more than the structural changes in an organization, it is more so the culture and mindset of employees. Employees could start by eradicating the use of slurs, respecting individual differences and facilitating open and honest discussion. 

How Empauwer comes in?

Empauwer is a movement that seeks to connect the untapped talents of neurodiverse professionals to the hiring needs of organisations. By raising awareness and sensitivity towards neurodiversity, Empauwer is helping to create more diverse, inclusive and happy workplaces for all.  

Empauwer for Organizations is an AI-driven tool that helps organizations improve inclusivity and equity among employees by widening your talent pipeline, providing an AI virtual mentor and detailed personalized report for your neurodiverse talents.  

If Diversity & Inclusion is your priority, we are here to help. 

About Empauwer

Empauwer is a movement that seeks to connect the untapped talents of neurodiverse professionals to the hiring needs of organisations.   

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