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X0PA AI Announces “Empauwer” for Employability of Individuals with Autism

SINGAPORE, Oct 2020 – X0PA AI announces a new initiative, “Empauwer”; a Virtual Mentor for employers to make them more inclusive to hiring persons with autism and a virtual mentor for persons with autism to coach them through work-life. Empauwer will help the process of making workplaces inclusive, and of creating more opportunities for persons with ASD.

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X0PA AI creates “Empauwer” to enhance employability for neurodiverse persons

SINGAPORE, Feb 2021 – Empauwer will leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities and is powered by Microsoft Azure, Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Services to enhance the understanding and interactivity of the virtual mentor as well as develop an effective job matching platform.

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