An inclusive workplace is a happy workplace

Enhance employee morale and drive positive impacts on organisational culture.

Did you know?

- 1 in 7 individuals in the world are neurodiverse.
- Unemployment for neurodivergent adults runs at least as high as 30-40%
Unemployed neurodiverse adults
- Neurodivergents are skilled at problem solving, logical thinking & attention to detail

Neurodivergent adults who are eager to work are often left out of the workforce for a variety of reasons - non-inclusive hiring practices, lack of employer education and training, absence of support ecosystems on the job, and needs that often do not align with standard business operations. Minor tweaks to communications and sensitivity can go a long way.

Empauwer creates an inclusive workplace culture that supports the unique needs of all employees, including those with neurodiverse conditions and invisible disabilities. Our platform provides targeted training and accommodations to onboard and engage neurodiverse talent, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Empauwer helps organizations implement a successful and scalable program to recruit, hire, retain, and advance neurodivergent employees.

Hire. Retain. Grow.

Empauwer is an AI-driven tool that helps organisations improve inclusivity and equity among employee.

Widen your talent pipeline by accessing an exclusive database of skilled professionals who have traditionally been overlooked. 

AI Virtual Mentor provides ongoing training & support to existing employees to help them understand what to expect from their neurodiverse colleagues.

Detailed Personalized reports about each individual with an invisible disability /neurodiversity that gives a peek into the person behind the resume.

An impactful and measurable way to elevate your company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives into a strategic business driver

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