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This week our guest is Anita Bakshi who talks about emotional intelligence.


Who is Anita Bakshi?

“ I’m an Emotional Intelligence professional and have qualified as an Assessor and Practitioner.

My professional background is in education; I have taught, worked and volunteered with children in schools, especially those teaching children with dyslexia and autism.

I am currently associated with Six Seconds, a nonprofit organization with a mission of spreading the skills of emotional intelligence.

I live in London with my family, and am passionate about making emotional intelligence reach all sections of society particularly the youth and the caregivers.”


— Anita Bakshi


She’s giving us effective step-by-step methods on how to overcome challenges, how to deal with overwhelming situations at the workplace and what to do if you or a coworker has a meltdown.

We are all human, we all have to deal with difficult things in our lives, we just have to take a step back, try calm our minds and follow Anita’s methods.

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Emotional Intelligence Talk with Anita Bakshi (17 minutes)

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