Empauwer is delighted to announce the appointment of Farida Charania as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Empauwer Pte. Ltd.

Empauwer is an AI SaaS platform that helps organizations employ and work successfully with neurodiverse talent including people on the autism spectrum. The platform provides digital framework and mentorship to employers and hiring managers to help them hire and sensitize them so they are able to work inclusively with differently abled talent.

Nina Alag Suri, Founder of Empauwer founded the company in 2020 in association with Microsoft and SGENABLE.

“Empauwer is one of its kind B2B SaaS platform, it not only helps organizations work inclusively but also helps in increasing talent pool by ensuring this pool of talent is not overlooked. Data shows that over 80% of people on the autism spectrum are unemployed or find it difficult to hold on to an employment, this needs to change. Empauwer works with organizations to help its employers understand and help them work better with the neurodiverse talent”

— said Nina

“Farida has been working as a consultant with Empauwer from its inception, she is passionate about the cause and committed to making an impact. She is the perfect choice as the CEO of Empauwer and I am delighted to welcome her to take charge of this amazing impact venture”

— added Nina

Farida expressed her excitement at the new role, saying:

“I am honoured to be leading Empauwer, where we are building an AI-enabled software tool that works with organizations to onboard them and their hiring managers and empowers them with tools to enable them to work more inclusively with neurodiverse individuals such as persons on the autism spectrum.”

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