Our Story

The X0PA AI Pte. Ltd. team won the AI for Accessibility Hackathon, organized by Microsoft
in Singapore in 2019, which was the seed for this idea of creating an inclusive onboarding framework
for Employers of Autistic talent.

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Tools to step towards
an inclusive workplace

Virtual Mentor for Employers 

To make them more inclusive to hiring autistic talent and managing them better in the workplace.

Virtual Mentor for Autistic Talent

To help them perform better at job interviews and enhance workplace competitiveness once in a job by helping them harness their strengths.

Job Marketplace 

To connect the employers and autistic talent.

An autistic talent may be better at a particular job.

By gaining an understanding of autism, you can open up new possibilities for your organisation.

Why should you employ autistic talent?

People on the autism spectrum  have a variety of exceptional skills, that enable them to thrive in a variety of roles such as sales, computer programming, statistics, just to name just a few.

As well as their individual strengths and talents, candidates on the spectrum often demonstrate above-average skills in some or all of the following areas:

, About High levels of concentration

, About Reliability, conscientiousness and persistence

, About Accuracy, close attention to detail and the ability to identify errors

, About Technical ability, such as in IT

, About Detailed factual knowledge and an excellent memory

However, they are often disadvantaged in getting and keeping a job because of a  lack of understanding and support. 

Autistic employees may need some, often simple, support within the workplace to maintain competitiveness and thrive in the workplace.

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